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It’s coming to 5 years since I arrive in the land of the dragon. Wondering what’s next in the next 5 eh. #chooseyourownadventure

from @mujiri

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  • Sofy // Pocket Magic Transformation

    Sofy Pocket Magic Transformation
  • Sofy Night Use // The Dream Bureau

    Sofy Night Use The Dream Bureau
  • Adidas Olympics // Three Fingers

    Adidas Olympics Three Fingers
  • Lipton // The Good Taste Mini Teahouse

    Lipton Fruit Tea Leo's Mini Teahouse
  • NowLab // The Bravest Fridge

    NowLab The Bravest Fridge
  • Huawei Y Series // Y Not?

    Huawei Y Series Y Not?
  • Ray of Hope // Visual Identity

    Ray of Hope
  • Bellagio Shanghai // Live The Show

    Bellagio Shanghai Live The Show
  • Adidas // Not Made For Normal

    Adidas Climacool 逆天开练
  • Adidas Terrex // Live Without Limits

    Adidas Terrex Live Without Limits
  • Adidas SHHM // Start From Here

    Adidas Shanghai Half Marathon Start From Here
  • Bellamy's Organics // My Number 1

    Bellamy's Organics The Most Important Things
  • Adidas Techfit // Start From Strong

    Adidas Techfit Start From Strong
  • Windows 8 // Honestly

    Windows 8 Launch
  • Daimler's Car2Go // Love2Go

    Car2Go Love2Go
  • National Library Board // Imagination

    National Library Board 'Imagination'
  • DIGI // 360 Concept Store

    DIGI 360 Concept Store (M'sia)
  • SK-II // Official TMall Shop

    SK-II Official TMall Shop
  • CAR Inc. // Garage

    Shenzhou Rental
  • Drink On! Mobile App

    Drink On! iOS App
  • Budak Pantai // Website Design

    Budak Pantai
  • The Predictorama

    The Predictorama


Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose
Charles Eames

I'm Henry Soon, a creative from the island-country of Singapore and currently I'm working in the Shanghai office of Wunderman Thompson.

a little more about me,
I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate. However a burning passion for design and late nights coffees led me to create my first portfolio upon graduation, which landed me my first design job at a small web shop.

Since then, I've been working my way up as an digital creative in start-ups and various agencies, picking up skills and knowledge which would hopefully serve to turn me into a better creative.

on design,
I believe great creative works begin from a single strong insight. Whether it is to articulate a point, to solve a problem or just to stir the emotions, I strive to always keep that in mind and make sure that the layers I add to the work helps to enhance and not dilute it.

I'm heavily influenced by the craftsmen of the early days and the makers of todays, where the simplicity of their works belies the strength of the thinking behind the piece, which is something I hope to emulate in my works.

favorites ♥ :

"We start every day with a prayer: 'Oh God, please don't let me die today. Tomorrow would be so much better.'" - Fwiffo of Spathiwa