Windows 8 Launch // Honestly

Integrated campaign to launch Windows 8 across Asia - integrated , digital , campaign

The new Windows 8 is an amazing operating system. But sometimes, in telling a technology story we tend to get too technical. And that just get in the way of our audience understanding how the great the product is.

So we created the campaign "Honestly", where we speak truthfully about what is it that our consumers really want and the problems they want to solve, without all those fancy jargons. And with the paltform, we can re-frame the product benefits in a way that is more human and less technical.

Based on real life pain points, we created a variety of stories and put them in film, prints and social, each tied to a product benefit offered by the new system. And we took it further by having the story done up in local languages and context, making them even more relevant for our audience.


Creative Direction
Art Direction