Adidas SH Half Marathon // Start From Here

Integrated campaign to promote Adidas's Shanghai Half Marathon - integrated , print , campaign

In our lives, we all have goals that drive us forward. From trying to do reps every morning to finally running in the Tokyo Marathon, our goals are the ones that show us the direction forward. But being human, we are often daunted by magnitude of the journey to the end point, and perhaps this why our goals fall by the wayside.

The thing is every accomplishments begin with a single step. Perhaps it is taking the stairs instead of the lift. Or waking up early to try a morning run. Or simply getting your first pair of running shoes. Because with that first step, comes the next and then another until next thing you know, you are crossing the finishing line.

So we designed a poster that is customizable by our audience, where they can fill in the "first step" that they wish to undertake into the visual - Start From XXX. And we adopt these "first steps" as our campaign visuals, a series of real aspirations adorning the streets of Shanghai during the campaign.

And during the marathon, we extended the idea into a series of encouragement designed for every single part of the route. Start From Keeping To The Pack. Start From Breathe In Breathe Out. Start From The Halfway Mark. All in all, we wrote fifty over lines that kept our runners company all the way to the finishing line.

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