Sofy Pocket Magic // Pocket Magic Transformation

Film and visual direction for Sofy's latest product launch. - film, visual direction

Drive awareness for Sofy's latest product, Pocket Magic 130%, and create a visual identity that extend into social content.

Building on the benefit of increased mobility from the product due to it's smaller size but better absorbing power, we decided to create a story that link the benefit with a topic that is popular with our audience - ACG (anime, comic games).

Through the film, we dramatize the product benefit by transforming our celebrity into a animated action character. Leaping and dashing through the film, the audience get a sense of the freedom that product afford them through the variious dynamic moments.

From there we expanded the visual direction into static visuals and content in social, maintaining a look and feel that is decidely young and dynamic.

Sofy (Unicharm China)

Creative Direction
Art Direction