Huawei Y Series // Y Not?

A series of content that highlights the various features of the model in unexpected manners. - digital

With a brand new model in the Y series, Huawei is looking to attract younger audience to one of it's more popular product. Affordable price-point and awesome features aside, the challenge was to do so in a manner that is as fun and irreverent as the social media landscape the audience grew up in.

So instead of creating the typical "features demos", we went with a set of stories based on the theme of "Y Not?". It was both a slight nod to the series and also a way for us to humorous stories around each feature. From balancing love and game time to hanging out with the girls, each story is relatable in their context and still managed to demonstrate the cool features of the product itself.

And beyond the stories, we extended the project with animated gifs for instagram, each of them a mini story also based off the simple questio "Y Not?"


Creative Direction
Art Direction