The Predictorama

Experiment in twitter data mining & analysis - digital , experiment

As world cup fever grips the office and everyone starts turning into a part-time bettor, we started thinking whether we might help our colleagues do better in their endeavors.

With everyone proclaiming to be a pundit on the matches, we wanted to see whether there is some truth in the collective sentiments of the masses. So we decided to create an experiment on Twitter.

Using a customized crawler and some fancy equations, we build an application that searches for tweets pertaining to a specific match (given more focus to sentiments and score prediction) and distilled them into our own prediction of the game's result.

Armed with the application, we put our money where our mouth is and placed our bets based on the prediction. Fortunately, our haul was a 60% positive result, which shows that they might be some truth in the sentiments of the masses.

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